Movin’ On Up: Sold My Truck :(

Movin’ On Up: Sold My Truck :(

I’m sad. I sold my trusty old truck today. Her old 4.0L V6 had a solid 350,000 km of trouble-free road on it, and I know I’m going to miss the hell out of it. Sure, the old crusty mini-truck had its problems, but none of them broke the bank. Its new $80 starter was thrown in for an easy $100 while I was at work and finished before my lunch break. I spent an afternoon with a 6-pack of beer throwing its new $60 water pump in and replaced the $10 thermostat. Its transmission was flushed with compliments from the mechanic commending its amazing mechanical condition given its mileage and age. The tight steering and excellent handling even kept me away from a 2007 Ranger last year for just about 10x as much as I paid for the 1990 just because it felt the exact same behind the wheel.

That 4.0L sucked down gas, it wasn’t fast, the valves ticked loudly, the A/C blew hot, and nobody remembered to lock its manual locks when they got out. I put 40,000 km on it in the three years I owned it, kept up with oil changes and powered it through some pretty disgusting road conditions with its less-than terrible 2WD traction. It always got my bike to the track, made it to Tofino a couple times, and never left me stranded in the boonies. Plus, those 27-year old speakers still put out decent sound through the aftermarket Bluetooth stereo I somehow had no problem installing in the dark. After those three years in my possession, I sold it for an easy $1100. For $1500, it was easily the best vehicle purchase I’ve ever made, and I’m sure I’ll regret every vehicle purchase after it.

This post is a tribute to a truck I know I’ll miss dearly (yeah, obviously I’m overly sentimental to vehicles). Enjoy your new life, Ranger Danger.