New Year, New Site. Let’s do this.

New Year, New Site. Let’s do this.

The back half of 2016 was a crazy few months. As a student, full time web developer, and someone with a bunch of time-consuming hobbies, it was hard to find any time for photography. Not to mention, my beloved Nikon D610 had a bit of a whoopsie. Out of nowhere, its mirror box failed and I had to send it back to Nikon. I procrastinated taking it into the shop because $500 for repairs just wasn’t going to happen… But it wasn’t going to fix itself. I finally ponied up and took it into the shop and anxiously waited about 6 weeks to get it back.

In that time, many rolls of film were purchased and I regained an appreciation for conservative shooting on a cheap Zenit SLR with my old Helios 44-2. The shutter got sticky and everything it produced was about 50/50 usable.

At this point, the biggest lesson I’ve learned about my obsession with cameras is that photography is expensive. It shouldn’t be, but I made it expensive. GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) was a problem for me last year, and now I have a surplus of awesome lenses and a burning desire to put everything to the best use possible.

So here we are.

Going into this, I have some weird hesitation rooted in my old attitudes. I remember my first couple years at University of Victoria when a bunch of friends took their first photography class, bought themselves DSLRs and immediately launched Facebook pages chock full of ‘bokehlicious’ shots of lens caps, shoes, and their cats’ faces. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted one all along, but being stubborn and opinionated me, I held off. Until now. Facebook page is launched… Ugh.

I’ve built in a sales feature to this site that I intend to use for motorsports photography, casual shoots, and hopefully some more commercial stuff.

It’s 2017. Given the way things are headed, crazier things are on the horizon for the year. Let’s see what happens!