PXLX.co: Early Access Soft Launch

PXLX.co: Early Access Soft Launch

PXLX is live… -ish. It’s honestly been way too long since the last update, but I’ve taken the opportunity of spare time to actually get work done on the site. I’ve revamped the whole backend with React components to reliably handle the magic and I’ve extended the Liquid templating engine I’ve been using to include PXLX’s custom components in client websites. I’ve even added a syntax-highlighted code editor to the themes.

I’m seriously excited to roll out the whole thing, but there’s a lot of work ahead to solve the smorgasbord of small bugs.

In the meantime, if you want to keep up to date, I’ve got the mailing system hooked up to just about every possible thing I can be rolling out, especially the waitlist. When I start opening up spots, you’ll get a notification to log in and set your profile up! How exciting is that? Okay maybe I’m the only one excited, but still.

See you on there,