Stuck with friends on a rickety sailboat.

Stuck with friends on a rickety sailboat.

My friend needed to move his sailboat up to a different marina, so we piled into his minivan, ran some errands to pick up/drop off boat stuff, and hit the sea.  The plan was to be on the water by 11AM and sail for 3 hours, but Friday night took its toll and we didn’t make it to the docks by 1PM.

Not 5 minutes into sailing, Josh’s Jack Russell Terrier decided to make a leap for it at the first sight of some aquatic wildlife. We pulled the adorable jackass into the boat and went ahead with the journey.


4 hours later, we’re still on the water… but it pays off. A couple dolphins chased our wake, and a pod of orcas were hanging out near Island View Beach. Pretty neat to see, especially around sunset. Unfortunately I missed both as my camera was still in the boat.

Nothing beats beers on a sailboat at sunset.