YouTube Channel In The Works: Coding With Beer

YouTube Channel In The Works: Coding With Beer

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. Recently, I was called by what I thought was a telemarketer. He addressed me by name and told me I was approved for an auto loan. Nope. I called back repeatedly asking company information and if he thought he could scam me. He did say he was trying to scam me and hung up. So I called back some more and was hung up on after an expletive. Fuck that guy. To take passive-aggressive to a whole new level, I wrote an autodialer in Python, using Twilio’s API to call him back with Spooky Scary Skeletons repeatedly for the remainder of the weekend. It cost me about a dollar in calling time, plus the dollar I spent on a phone number.

Twilio is a great service, offering a lot of solutions for SMS and Voice calling for a super affordable rate. Their API is really well documented, and they have helper libraries for just about every language out there.

I had an idea to start this YouTube channel based on a lot of positive feedback around a video I put on my personal Facebook outlining this application I built, so I figured I’d document it a little more thoroughly and take a crack at a YouTube channel. Here’s the description:

Hacking together pointless web apps one beer at a time. Covering security, API integration, machine learning, and popular frameworks through video and source code.

I have a few ideas in the pipeline for future videos covering hacked-together projects for beginner-intermediate programmers. To give you some kind of idea, the next one may be along the lines of creating a Chrome plugin making use of machine learning and a Pornhub comments dataset. Stay tuned!