I’m a part-time student, full-time web developer, and weekend maniac. My hobbies all revolve around motorsports – motorcycles to be specific. I race my built-up Suzuki DRZ with Victoria Supermoto’s supermoto club from April to September, and find other ways to fill that void for the rest of the year. I bought my first camera to take pictures of motorcycles when I worked at Action Motorcycles, and quickly found myself shooting at Victoria Supermoto practices. This got me A) into shooting track days, and B) into getting a suitable bike and racing!

Outside of photography, I’m a skilled web developer in PHP (WordPress & Laravel), Ruby (Rails), Javascript & jQuery, C# (ASP.Net, WPF, Xamarin). I’ve studied Computer Science at UVic and plan to graduate in 2017 with a B. Sc. in Computer Science with UVic’s Software Engineering option.

My gear bag is stocked with stuff and covers the 24-210mm focal range with primes and various vintage and unique lenses. I mainly shoot with a Nikon D610 full-frame and a broken Zenit film SLR. For other things, I have a tripod, a speedlight, and lots of junk for doing stuff with light.

My favourite shoots are at the track. I’ve always admired the stupidity of crowds and photographers watching rally racing. Sure you can keep some distance and shoot with a longer lens, but there’s something about the close-quarters intensity and danger that makes those shots amazing. For obvious reasons I can’t get that close, but I absolutely love getting on the inside of the apex with my 28-75mm and doing a simultaneous zoom and pan to track the rider for a split second.