Making Time

Since February, I’ve been working on the most exciting and interesting project I’ve ever built as a software developer. Every time I work, I feel like I’m moving mountains. When I look at my progress, I feel like an evil super genius. It’s stressful, I’m currently falling asleep at my desk, I’m full of uncertainty, and I […]

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The Best Photography Stuff I’ve Ever Spent Money On

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or GAS for short, is a legitimate issue that can plague photographers at any level. If you’re like me, you probably hear your DSLR whisper “buy me things” into your ear every time it makes it anywhere near your head. Fortunately, I’ve made a few smart photography-related purchases over the years and […]

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React + Rails: File Uploads using Dropzone, Paperclip, and Rails 5

I’ve spent a lot of time building React components, but I haven’t had the pleasure of handling uploads. After struggling to find an elegant solution, I think this one does the trick just fine. We don’t have to modify how Rails handles things on the receiving end, which will make this easy for you if […]

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Ruby on Rails 5.1+ & React: Working Example

Following the Ruby on Rails & React: The Easy Way tutorial, I’ve put a bit of that in practice to get a minimal working demo of a basic Rails application firing up while running the React-Rails and Webpacker gems. I’ll also show you how the default configuration magically works out in your favour so you […]

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Ruby on Rails 5.1+ & React: The Easy Way

This is a hard one to get right, and there are so many ways of doing it. In this tutorial, I’ll be getting React running with Webpack and the Babel loader on a Rails 5.1+ application. The React-Rails gem is excellent to get some basic React action going on in your rails application, however, it’s […]

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PXLX is live… -ish. It’s honestly been way too long since the last update, but I’ve taken the opportunity of spare time to actually get work done on the site. I’ve revamped the whole backend with React components to reliably handle the magic and I’ve extended the Liquid templating engine I’ve been using to include […]

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[Python+Twilio] Coding With Beer – Spooky Autodialer to Spam Scammers


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An Idiot’s Guide To A Password-Free SSH

Private/Public key authentication   — Possible errors — Could not open a connection to your authentication agent. Solution: Your shell is meant to evaluate that shell code output by ssh-agent. Run this instead: eval “$(ssh-agent)” ssh-add ./svr_private

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YouTube Channel In The Works: Coding With Beer

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. Recently, I was called by what I thought was a telemarketer. He addressed me by name and told me I was approved for an auto loan. Nope. I called back repeatedly asking company information and if he thought he could scam me. He did say […]

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Just a Tip: Vehicle Photography With Your Phone

“The best camera is the one you have” might be the most annoying thing you see on every mobile photography sub-Reddit or forum, but it’s not entirely wrong. What prompted this post was a brief perusal of Craigslist for motorcycles. To sum that experience up — if I wanted a free beer, I’d send you to […]

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