10 Lessons Learned: Motorcycle Photography

When it comes to motorcycles, I’m the grown-ass man equivalent of the 8-year old girl with the pony sweater that every single person knew in grade school. I’m obsessed: they’re what got me into photography; motorcycle photography brings the funnest edits; and bikes are a huge part of my life. I’ve shot a lot of them […]

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Movin’ On Up: Sold My Truck :(

I’m sad. I sold my trusty old truck today. Her old 4.0L V6 had a solid 350,000 km of trouble-free road on it, and I know I’m going to miss the hell out of it. Sure, the old crusty mini-truck had its problems, but none of them broke the bank. Its new $80 starter was […]

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PXLX: Introduction to a Long-Term Side Project

If you’re one of the few reading this, you’re one of the first to know about this thing I’m super excited about… Mostly because I’ve been ripping hair out over it for the last year and I’m excited to share my progress. I created QNeville.com with the goal of selling photos from trackdays and having […]

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Mitch’s 1290 KTM Super Duke

With the semester coming to a close, work has been piling up, so it was nice to get away for a bit to shoot something. Mitch reached out a while ago for a shoot but the weather and our schedules haven’t been so cooperative. We finally had a morning of sun to play with. I […]

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Stuck with friends on a rickety sailboat.

My friend needed to move his sailboat up to a different marina, so we piled into his minivan, ran some errands to pick up/drop off boat stuff, and hit the sea.  The plan was to be on the water by 11AM and sail for 3 hours, but Friday night took its toll and we didn’t […]

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New Year, New Site. Let’s do this.

The back half of 2016 was a crazy few months. As a student, full time web developer, and someone with a bunch of time-consuming hobbies, it was hard to find any time for photography. Not to mention, my beloved Nikon D610 had a bit of a whoopsie. Out of nowhere, its mirror box failed and […]

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